We are a nationwide service operating across Australia. Our customers are primarily executive corporate travellers, but many of them also use us for personal travel. In addition we are receiving increasing interest from the wider public and providing services to a diverse section of private travellers from Australia, New Zealand and overseas visitors.  For a small commission we can deliver business to you without any effort on your part.


We are extremely loyal to our drivers. We believe that by treating our drivers with respect and protecting their income we can attract and retain the best talent in the industry and therefore best serve our customers. We are also equally loayl to our customers. We expect drivers to deliver consistently outstanding service and in return we will reward and promote you.  Please refer to the Driver Service Level Agreement (see below) to understand your obligations on joining our network.


Experience is usually what sets great drivers apart from the crowd.  We greatly respect and value experienced drivers and aim to reward their tenure. We have also had a number of new drivers in our network who are performing in an outstanding capacity.  We have observed that the primary characteristics that define the best drivers are common sense, confidence in driving, ability to confidently use GPS tools and a commitment to delivering outstanding customer service.  So whether you are experienced or not you can perform in an outstanding capacity in the network.  It is a choice that very driver makes.


If a customer cancels a booking less than 8 hours from pickup time incremental cancellation charges will apply to the customer and a partial payment still be made to the driver. For any cancellation made less than four hours from the pickup time 100% of the job cost will be paid to the driver.  Please see the customer Terms and Conditions for more details on our cancellation policy.

Cars on Demand Customer Terms & Conditions


In late 2016 we released our custom built mobile driver Apps for Android and iPhones.  This has greatly streamline job offers, allowing drivers to easily connect with customers and receive detailed payment information. Feedback from our driver network has been that the app is very easy to use and very efficient.

Driver SLA

Please click on the following link to download the Driver Service Level Agreement

COD Driver Agreement – Revised Oct 2017

The Benefits of Working with us

High-End Clients

Transport respectable, reliable customers

Payment Security

Guaranteed payment withing 2-3 working days (depending on your bank of choice)

Progressive Technology

Be using advanced technology that makes everything quick and easy

BAS Reporting

Receive reporting to support your BAS submissions (coming soon)

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