Our Loyal Customerbase Love Us For This: Better service, lower cost than Uber Black

We provide the best service in the industry and at a lower price than large multinationals and other similar premium services out there. 

How are we doing it? Let us show you.

As with almost any purchase decision, when choosing or evaluating a chauffeured service in Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, price, and quality always go hand in hand.

If a service is expensive, we have the tendency to think that the quality must be high as well. This is, of course, understandable as we all want and expect value for the money we pay. If we pay more money for a product or service, it is only natural that we expect better value for it. If we want to cut costs, the tendency is to compromise quality.

But this doesn’t always have to be the case.

At Cars on Demand, we believe that quality can be affordable.

Here’s a pricing comparison showing our service and other chauffeured and premium ridesharing services in varying distances, pickup points and destinations.



So what’s the takeaway?


1. Great service at a lower cost

Cars on Demand offers industry leading ground transport service with high-quality vehicles, professional drivers and state-of-the-art online booking tool, but at a more affordable rate when compared to similar premium services.

2. Transparent pricing

At Cars on Demand, we value transparency in our pricing. For every booking you make, you will instantly see the base cost of your trip plus any additional costs for extras you have chosen. Other extras that may be incurred in transit such as tolls or even airport parking are clearly outlined in our pricing guide.

We do away with surge pricing, a pricing strategy used by many rideshares, which can increase the rate dramatically during peak hours. Our prices are also not dependent on traffic unlike that of taxis. Since our prices are preset, you can be guaranteed that there will be no surprises or extra charges caused by traffic delays. If you take the same trip twice, you’re guaranteed that those rates remain consistent. 

3. No need for conversion

As an Australian chauffeured service company, we quote in Australian dollars. Other international companies, on the other hand, such as Blacklane and SIXT quote in US dollars, leaving you to worry about your cost suddenly changing due to exchange rates.

4. No high overhead costs to pass on

Over the years, we have invested heavily in technology to continuously improve every customer’s journey. These innovations have also allowed us to make our operations more efficient, significantly reducing overhead costs and eliminating the need to charge our expenses to our customers.

5. Locally Competitive

As a local company, we also have a deep understanding of our local transport. We understand the needs of both riders, and drivers as well as the mobility landscape in the country which means our pricing algorithm is priced to be locally competitive.

By doing away with unexpected charges and practicing transparent pricing, we give our customers the certainty that allows them to better plan and manage their trips. And by offering an affordable and industry-leading service, they are not only able to reduce their travel costs, but also save more time so they can focus on things that matter most.

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