Over the past 5 years, Limousine hire-car services have become increasingly affordable.  In many cases when comparing long distances a trip in a Limousine hire car can actually be less expensive than using a taxi service.

Having said all of that in the last 2 years, we have all seen the emergence of smartphone applications that allow you to book a limo, or a car from the airport.

These are not actually Limousine Service Providers, they are calling themselves tech companies, and absolving themselves from any responsibility when providing you with their Limo Services.


How are Cars on Demand doing it differently?

At Cars On Demand we do not use metering devices to calculate your Limousine or Airport Transfer rates, they are preset and there are no nasty surprises and no extra charges for traffic delays.

The other so-called Limousine Companies will not only charge you per minute as well as a Kilometer rate for your  Limo transfers but also engage in ”Surge Pricing” when the demand for Limousines and Cars are high.

We urge you to compare our upfront Limousine Service pricing to those other providers and keep those points above in mind.


Fighting Misconceptions

There is a general misconception in the marketplace that hire cars are exorbitantly priced compared with taxis. And it is based on this misunderstanding that many companies have been reluctant to approve the widespread use of hire cars. The truth is many hire cars are only slightly more expensive than taxis for short-haul trips, but the benefits received far out-way this slight expense. Another truth is that for longer distance trips hire cars can be much less expensive than taxis.

Please see the figure to the right showing a comparison of pricing (Cars on Demand pricing vs Taxi Tariff 1 & Tariff 2) for a number of suburbs in the Sydney Metropolitan area.