About Cars on Demand
Our Company

Cars on Demand™ is a chauffeured limousine services company created with a vision to deliver a comprehensive End-to-End ground transport solution to large corporations across Australia.

The solution revolves around a secure, web-based ground transport portal that optimises the use of automated, web-enabled processes to deliver corporate travellers a unique ground transport experience while simultaneously delivering valuable information to the corporate decision makers.


Our vision has always been to create a secure, web-based ground transport portal that provides a customised, end-to-end transport service to Australian corporations. We are committed to utilising state of art technology to maximise efficiency of our business, optimise security and value delivery to our clients and provide instant access benefits to our drivers.

Our vision has evolved over time to include mobile technology and enhanced security innovations.  We released our driver mobile app in 2016 and customer mobile app in Q3 2018.

This approach allows corporations to achieve increased visibility, accountability and control across all areas of corporate travel expenditure – including ground transport.  Historically the ground transport expense category was challenging due to minimal data availability and therefore minimal visibility & control. This gap can be significantly improved through partnering with Cars on Demand.


Cars on Demand has a number of unique services which can deliver differentiated value to companies. This value is realised via increased process efficiencies, reduced costs, and increased spend visibility.

For the travelling passenger, the experience is a highly differentiated one providing outstanding professional service:

  • Easy access on-line booking tool
  • Passenger number masking for privacy & security
  • Secure credit card register with virtual payment processing
  • 24/7 emergency assist number
  • Luxury vehicles maintained to the highest standards
  • Professional drivers who are highly experienced & trained
  • Unparalleled security & confidentiality guarantees
  • Tracking of flight arrival times with complimentary waiting times
  • Flexibility (customer focused terms & conditions are most flexible in the industry)
  • Reliability & punctuality
  • One-stop shop for complete chauffeured limousine services across all major Australian cities and remote locations.
  • New location services are being added regularly as required by our customers

For the corporate decision maker & their company, the provision of detailed information improves the visibility and control of this spend category.  In addition, the access to robust data files can streamline and optimise the expense reconciliation and accounting processes:

  • True real-time, on-line booking tool
  • Secure member register with flexible (client directed) information capture
  • Secure credit card register managed by award winning payment gateway EWAY
  • No need to produce credit cards during trip = eliminated fraud & charge errors
  • Highly competitive pricing & corporate discount rates
  • Transparent pricing – rates are all inclusive and there are no credit card surcharges
  • Electronic invoices & ability to print consolidated invoice reports (ATO compliant)
  • Robust data file delivery for systems integration and business process optimisation
  • Detailed back end reporting for increased visibility and control