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Cars On Demand is Adelaide’s leading private airport transfer company, taking thousands of business executives and travellers quickly and safely to the airport each year. This page details everything you need to know about getting an airport transfer in Adelaide, why you will love the Cars On Demand service and how to make the most of your time in Adelaide.

adelaide airport transfers

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The Cars On Demand Adelaide Airport Transfer Experience

From pickup to drop off tur chauffeur service o experience can be summed up in one word- excellence. We strive to deliver the very best service at cost-effective rates. We offer a wide range of services geared towards both business travellers and private travellers. They’re highlighted below.

Airport Transfers

Our drivers are trained on time management and customer service. When you alight from your flight you don’t have to worry about your transfer. We’ll be there waiting for you. We have a great track record.

Even though Adelaide airport is not very far from the CBD, you still want to be sure that when you book that car for 3 o’clock in the afternoon, it will be there for you rain hail or shine. This is where Cars On Demand is famous for our reliability and puntuality and please read in the section below how we have used state of the art technology to maintain this level of reliability.

Three reasons why you should pick Cars On Demand

There are several factors that will influence your decision in using our service.

But we think the 3 most important reasons are as follows:

1) Phone number masking technology

This is where we mask all local phone numbers and the link is cut off after the trip is complete, therefore drivers and customers can communicate before the trip and keep each others numbers private.

This comes in really handy when we are doing airport transfers for VIP celebrities, or high profile TV personel, or Politicians.

2) Automated fail safe mechanism built into our driver app and software

Whether you have booked an airpot transfer or a dinner transfer, our intelligent systems will prompt and remind drivers of their iminetn upcoming transfers, and if for any reason the driver does not confirm on their app that they are on the way, then the system alerts the manger on duty who will take the matter into his won hands and make sure that the driver is on the way and if we cant get in touch with the driver then we immediatelly allocate another driver to come in as a replacement.

3) Our proprietary custom built pricing algorithm

Our minimum fare is $78, however as the journey becomes longer, the per km rate starts to drop, this is why we get so many long distance trips.

In some case, once the length of the trips exceeds about 50 or 60 km, we actually become chaeper than a taxi.

So if you are visiting one of the wineries in South Australia, why suffer on a big bus, just treat yourself to a luxury transfer in one of our cars.

If you would like please click here and get a quote in three seconds, you can just type in thename of the winery if you dont know the address becasue our quoting tool and website is powered by Google maps.

Guest Transfers

When you many guests arriving into the country, don’t fret, we’ll take care of their transfer. Our car service has a diverse fleet of vehicles including minibuses capable of a capacity of up to 12 people. Your guests will be as informed as you are since our platform pushes SMSes to them.

Meeting Transfers

For business travellers, our car service is at your disposal for meeting transfers. You need not worry about commuting from one meeting to the other. We will ensure that you get to your destinations fresh and stress-free. If you have many stop over’s, we recommend our hourly service.

Event Management

Coordinating transport in large events can be a daunting task. We can handle it. We can provide up to fifty vehicles for your event and are more than capable of coordinating transport for all your attendees.


Special Events

The stress of commuting can take away from the fun and adventure of discovering a new city. COD understands this and that’s why we offer our chauffeur service for special events. If you’re looking to explore Adelaide in its entirety and want to do so in style and comfort, look no further.

Adelaide is know as the city of churches, and a lot of couple head down to Adelaide to get married, so if a wedding transfer is what you are looking for, then we can accomodate that as well.

Hourly Hire

We also operate on an hourly hire basis for customers who need our services throughout the day.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my flight is late? Or cancelled?
No worries at all, we track all flights and we will arrive when your plane touches down and wait for you, the courtesy free wait time does not start till the plane touched down.

If your flight is cancelled all you need to do is call us with your new flight details, or update them on your app.

Where do I meet the drivers? And what do I do if I can’t see him or her?
We have meeting points all across Australia, these are listed in the confirmation of your transfer sheet, and most importantly please turn your phone on and you will get a text from the driver, any issues you can also contact us on our 24/7 hotline +61413905215

Can I book for a guest, and pay for it?
Yes you can, and the guest will not need to pay in the car, but it’s also a good idea to make sure that we have their contact number to make sure the transfer goes smoothly, and we also mask all phone numbers

Do you have an app? And do you service all airports?
Yes, of course, we have both Android and iOS apps, and you can book through the app if you are the traveller, and track the driver and communicate with them as well through the app.

And yes we are a nationwide service across the whole of Australia.


Popular Adelaide Suburbs We Service

Whether you are going to a winery or to the airport from home, we cover all of the suburbs in Adelaide.

Here is a list of suburbs that we frequently travel to in order to collect our corporate customers and take them to the airport.

  • Adelaide Airport
  • Adelaide CBD
  • Glenelg
  • Kensington Park
  • Bedford Park
  • Mile End
  • North Adelaide
  • Westbourne Park
  • Toorak Gardens
  • Port Adelaide
  • Henley Beach
  • Seacliff


About Adelaide Airport (ADL)

adelaide airportAlso referred to as Adelaide International Airport, it serves as both the city and the greater South Australia’s primary airport. The award-winning airport is Located close to West Beach, Adelaide airport is but six kilometres away from the CBD. The airport is the fifth busiest in Australia, handling up to fifteen million passengers annually.


Getting To Adelaide Airport

Since the airport is so close to the CBD, getting there shouldn’t take a long time. It usually takes about fifteen minutes from the city centre to Adelaide Airport.  That said we’ve shared with a list of ETA’s from the surrounding suburbs, to help you plan your pick up time in advance.

The estimated time of arrival from other suburbs is included as follows: the eta anywhere in the inner city is around 15 minutes, north Adelaide area has an eta of about 20 minutes, South Adelaide has an ETA of 15 minutes,  East Adelaide ((Adelaide Hills) )has an ETA of fifteen minutes and West Adelaide  (Glenelg/ Brighton) has a similar ETA .


Getting Out Of Adelaide Airport

You have several options for getting to the CBD. The first is the airport shuttle. It is CBD oriented so may not be the best option for first-timers. Similarly, you may opt to use the cities public transport system. Adelaide’s Metro Bus service (Jetexpress) will take you from the airport to the CBD.  If you’re looking for a more private transfer experience there’s always Uber and Taxi.

That said, our Adelaide airport transfers are more cost-friendly and more luxurious and comfortable for a rate lower Uber premiums rate. Our online booking and transport management platform is specifically made for you the business traveller or the high-level client and is hassle-free. We have a diverse portfolio of luxury vehicles, both local and European. More details on our services are given below.

Get To Know Adelaide [Visitor’s Guide]

The city of Adelaide emerges from the Torrens River and stretches into the Great Southern Ocean to the south and to the lush fertile hills of the north. This beautiful city serves as the capital of South Australia and is home to approximately one and half million residents. Adelaide is ranked fifth in population amongst the nation’s cities.  Renowned for its affordability, Adelaide’s cost of living is twenty per cent lower than its larger peers Melbourne and Sydney.

Unlike many cities in Australia, Adelaide was not a penal colony. The city was founded by free immigrants emanating from Europe. The city’s elegant stone crafted buildings and regal architecture serve as a legacy to the city’s past. Adelaide has managed to blend the past with the present as it grows, preserving its rich history for posterity.

Thanks in part to the cities geography, it appears more lush and green as compared to other Australian cities. Manicured public gardens and scenic parks are commonplace is this city. The Royal Botanical Gardens and the Himeji Garden are prime examples. The city’s pristine beaches to the south serve as both a contrast and compliment to the lush mainland. The best of both worlds!

The city is itself can be described as compact. From Victoria Square at the hear of the city, extends the city’s 2-kilometre wide grid. From five star hotels to boutique establishments and serviced apartments, Adelaide has ample accommodation. There’s plenty to do for leisure and the food, sourced from local produce is delectable.

Wherever you want to go to in this beautiful city, we’ll take you there. We’re a tap away.


Adelaide For The Business Traveller

Adelaide is perfect for the business traveller. There’s great accommodation, the culinary scene is incredible thanks to the easily sourced local produce and side activities are plentiful. We have a list of activities below that’ll make your next business trip to the city more fun and adventurous.

Leisure In Adelaide

There’s something for everyone in Adelaide. From its lush countryside to the picturesque city centre and the pristine beaches in the south, the city is teeming with activities. We’ve sampled them for you.

Arts & Culture

Known for its churches and historic architecture, the city of Adelaide is South Australia’s cultural hub. In the North terrace of the city, you’ll find the Art Gallery of South Australia. Marvell in the splendour of the building itself and the art pieces in it. To get a sense of the region’s history, you may visit the South Australian Museum. The Museum was opened to the public in the mid 19th century and showcases and preserves not only the regions past but select historical pieces from cultures around the globe.


Adelaide is a beautiful city. A large contributor to the cities timeless grace and appeal is the natural environment.  You may want to take a walk by the Torrens River or reflect quietly in the Royal Botanic Gardens. For a more explorative option, visit the city’s zoo and ogle at both local and exotic wildlife. South of the city, you may want to relax in the wonderful beaches around Adelaide.

Gastronomic Scene

We recommend Leigh and Peel Street for a quick sampling of what the city has to offer. If you have the time, you must explore the city’s wine regions renowned and celebrated worldwide for great wine and food. The Barossa and Adelaide Hills are a must-visit for any tourist. That said if you don’t have the time, take comfort in knowing that whatever you’re eating, is fresh and locally sourced a fact that makes Adelaide stand out from its peers worldwide.


Sergio Mazzitelli

“Hello Simon I just wanted to thank you & your team for the great service you provide. Everything went off like clockwork & really made my Son & his now fiance’s night a very special one indeed. (he actually proposed to his partner that night!!) Thank you again & I hope I have the opportunity of using your services again in the near future. Kind regards”

Matthew Stephens

“Our keynote speaker was really well looked after and the service was quick and easy to arrange. Online booking system is clean and well setup for a corporate or third-party passenger.”

Linda Smith

“Excellent service. I have spoken with Simon who is amazingly unflappable, has a contingency plan for any hiccup and has come to my rescue with last minute changes. Quality service. Highly recommend.”



Whether you call Adelaide home or are just visiting for business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city. To get an instant quote for your private Adelaide airport transfer click here.

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