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Cars On Demand is Canberra’s leading private airport transfer company, taking thousands of business executives and travellers quickly and safely to the airport each year. This page details everything you need to know about getting an airport transfer in Canberra, why you will love the Cars On Demand service and how to make the most of your time in Canberra.

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The Cars On Demand Canberra Airport Transfer Experience

Our car service is unlike any other operating in Canberra. Because our service has been developed with you in mind, we are able to provide bespoke services. For private transfers, our service offers a wide range of limousines, both local and exotic. Our mission is to provide you with convenient, efficient and luxurious transport, at the most reasonable rates. Below is a list of the services we offer within the area.

Airport Transfers

As mentioned before, the COD offers Canberra Airport transfers and will transport you to and fro the city. Our team of drivers is specially trained such that they’ll always ensure you get to your destination on time. They track flight times to make sure you never miss a flight. For private transfers, we offer our limousine service. For groups, we have minibuses capable of handling up to twelve passengers.

Our Canberra drivers know exactly where the collection points are inside Parliament House, and other public offices. So all you need to do is sit back and relax and we will drop your guests in the right place and pick them up from the right place.

Why should you use Cars on Demand?

There are several factors that will influence your decision in using our service.

But we think the 3 most important reasons are as follows:

1) Phone number masking technology

This is where we mask all local phone numbers and the link is cut off after the trip is complete, therefore drivers and customers can communicate before the trip and keep each others numbers private.

This comes in really handy when we are doing airport transfers for VIP celebrities, or high profile TV personel, or Politicians.

Obvioulsy Canberra being the nation’s capital we do a lot of ex politicians and the number masking comes in really handy here.

2) Automated fail safe mechanism built into our driver app and software

Whether you have booked an airpot transfer or a dinner transfer, our intelligent systems will prompt and remind drivers of their iminetn upcoming transfers, and if for any reason the driver does not confirm on their app that they are on the way, then the system alerts the manger on duty who will take the matter into his won hands and make sure that the driver is on the way and if we cant get in touch with the driver then we immediatelly allocate another driver to come in as a replacement.

3) Our proprietary custom built pricing algorithm

Our minimum fare is $78, however as the journey becomes longer, the per km rate starts to drop, this is why we get so many long distance trips.

In some case, once the length of the trips exceeds about 50 or 60 km, we actually become chaeper than a taxi.

This is why we do a lot of transfers from Canberra to Sydney, when a person has either missed the last flight or they need to get back to Sydney for an early morning meeting. It is always best to pre book these transfers so that we can allocate a driver who is well rested, at Cars on Demand we NEVER compromise on safety.

Guest Transfers

If you are in need of transport for your guests coming into the city, look no further, the COD transport service is up to task. Our fleet is more than capable of handling all their transport needs. As aforementioned, we have minibuses capable of handling large groups. Buses will also be availed on request.

Most of the transfers we do in Canberra are for major organisations who are booking transfers for their senior executives or the lobbyist that they have hired to lobby on thier behalf, this will include ex politicians and power brokers. And beleive you me these guys do not like to waste any time, they need efficient airport transfers in an instant.

Meeting Transfers

For business travellers, we are more than willing to chauffeur you to your meetings in and around the city. We alleviate the trouble of commuting, allowing you to concentrate on the business at hand. If you’ll be having multiple stopovers or multiple destinations, we recommend you utilise our hourly service. It could prove to be more cost-effective.

Canberra is the city where we do a lot of hourly transfers, this is when an executive or a lobbyist will have several meetings lined up one after the other and they will have one of our drivers on standby for the whole day, and jump in and out of the luxury car from one meeting to the next.

Even Management

Our service has a dedicated experienced team, capable of co-ordinating transport for small to large events alike. Our team will coordinate with your event organiser to make sure that your attendees arrive to their desired destination promptly. we can avail up to fifty cars depending on your requirements. As mentioned before, we will also avail buses at your request.

Special Events

Canberra is an iconic city with a lot to see and do. If you’re looking to sightsee, you may hire us. We know the city inside out and are more than willing to take you to all the must-see attractions in and around the city.

Hourly Hire

We are available for hourly hire. This makes our service in some cases more cost-effective. As I have mentioned above this type of transfer is really popular in Canberra.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my flight is late? Or cancelled?
No worries at all, we track all flights and we will arrive when your plane touches down and wait for you, the courtesy free wait time does not start till the plane touched down.

If your flight is cancelled all you need to do is call us with your new flight details, or update them on your app.

Where do I meet the drivers? And what do I do if I can’t see him or her?
We have meeting points all across Australia, these are listed in the confirmation of your transfer sheet, and most importantly please turn your phone on and you will get a text from the driver, any issues you can also contact us on our 24/7 hotline +61413905215

Can I book for a guest, and pay for it?
Yes you can, and the guest will not need to pay in the car, but it’s also a good idea to make sure that we have their contact number to make sure the transfer goes smoothly, and we also mask all phone numbers

Do you have an app? And do you service all airports?
Yes, of course, we have both Android and iOS apps, and you can book through the app if you are the traveller, and track the driver and communicate with them as well through the app.

And yes we are a nationwide service across the whole of Australia.


Popular Canberra Suburbs We Service

Canberra is the nation’s capital, it is a small and compact city. But at times it can be very busy when parliament is sitting.

The issue with Canberra is that its very easy to get around but one must not forget that when Parliament is sitting, you cannot get a taxi because it is really busy.

Here are some of the suburbs that we cover on most days:

  • Canberra International Airport
  • Parliament House
  • Kingston
  • Yarralumla
  • Queanbeyan
  • Braddon
  • Monash
  • Deakin
  • Red Hill
  • Forrest
  • Manuka
  • Barton
  • Acton


About Canberra Airport

Canberra Airport is the main International airport serving not just the city of Canberra, but more so, the entire Australian Capital Territory as well as southeastern NSW. The airport handles just over three million passengers a year, making it the eighth busiest in Australia. Canberra  Airport airport is located approximately eight kilometres from the heart of the city in North Canberra district.


Getting To Canberra Airport

Given the distance from the CBD, getting to the airport should be relatively hassle-free. That said, we have compiled a list of ETA’s from the city’s surrounding suburbs, so you can plan your pick up time with accuracy. The ETA’s assume light traffic.

Depending on the traffic and the route you use, it will take you anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes to get from the city centre to the airport. This estimated time of arrival applies anywhere in the North Canberra district. From most areas in South Canberra, the estimated time of arrival is anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes. Plan for a similar ETA if you’re transferring from Woden. If you’re coming from Belconnen, give yourself an allowance of about twenty-five to thirty minutes. The same applies for Weston Creek, Tuggeranong and Gungahlin.

Getting Out Of Canberra Airport

There are several ways to get to the city from Canberra International Airport. You could use the city’s public transport system, take a taxi or a rental car. You could also use a shuttle service or a private transfer service like ours.

For those using the bus, Transport Canberra runs a bus to and fro the airport, seven days a week and even during holidays. The bus ticket vending machine can be found at the arrivals hall in the airport. The taxies will be waiting for you on the ground floor of the airport terminal building. For more information on the rates visit canberra airport’s website. There are also several bush shuttle services that operate within the airport.  They offer door to door services in and around the city. For more information refer to the airport’s website.

Our car service offers an airport transfer service in the Airport. We cater to high level private individuals as well as business travellers and will transport you to your desired destination in and around the city. We offer private transfers as well as guest transfers. Keep reading to learn more.

Get To Know Canberra [Visitor’s Guide]

The city of Canberra serves as the capital of Australia, and everything about the city is purposed to that end. That said the city is more than that.

Planned in 1911 by Walter Burley Griffin, the city was built to serve as an alternative capital to Sydney and Melbourne. The city is designed to hold Australia’s collective identity, which is befitting since the city serves as custodian of the nation’s part and shapes its future as well.

Visiting Canberra means getting a glimpse of the nation’s soul. Whenever you’re here, we’re more than willing to transport you wherever you want to go in and around the great City of Canberra!

Business In Canberra

It goes without saying that Canberra being Australia’s seat of government, the city is a major business hub. The city has numerous business hotel suited for every kind of traveller. Most major international chains have a presence in the city.

Great Leisure Activities In The City

This young city has so much to offer. Our list is nowhere near exhaustive. We simply offer a glimpse to what Canberra has to offer for you.

Arts & Culture

There is no tour to Canberra that is complete without a visit to Parliament house. The city offers tours from 9 am to 5 pm every day. Canberra city is the custodian of the nation’s collective past. One can have a glimpse in several locations such as the National Museum of Australia, Changi Chapel commemorating WW2 as well as the Australian War memorial.


From the National Botanical Gardens to Lake Burley Griffin at the heart of the city, Canberra is designed to pay homage to the regions incredible nature. The National Zoo & Aquarium serve as the city’s key nature exhibit and are a must visit. If you have the time, venture forty kilometres south of the city to Namadgi National Park.


Sergio Mazzitelli

“Hello Simon I just wanted to thank you & your team for the great service you provide. Everything went off like clockwork & really made my Son & his now fiance’s night a very special one indeed. (he actually proposed to his partner that night!!) Thank you again & I hope I have the opportunity of using your services again in the near future. Kind regards”

Matthew Stephens

“Our keynote speaker was really well looked after and the service was quick and easy to arrange. Online booking system is clean and well setup for a corporate or third-party passenger.”

Linda Smith

“Excellent service. I have spoken with Simon who is amazingly unflappable, has a contingency plan for any hiccup and has come to my rescue with last minute changes. Quality service. Highly recommend.”



Whether you call Canberra home or are just visiting for business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city. To get an instant quote for your private Canberra airport transfer click here.

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