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Cars On Demand is the Gold Coast’s leading private airport transfer company, taking thousands of business executives and travellers quickly and safely to the airport each year. This page details everything you need to know about getting an airport transfer on the Gold Coast, why you will love the Cars On Demand service and how to make the most of your time on the Gold Coast.

gold coast airport transfers

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The Cars On Demand Gold Coast Airport Transfer Experience

There are mainly 2 types of travellers that vist the Gold Coast of Australia, the first one are families who travel there for their holidays, and we service this clientele very well with our large number or 7 seater people movers, as they always travel with lots of bags.

The second one is the executive traveller who visits the Gold Coast mainly for conferences and meetings, a lot of organiosations hold their annual conferences here as it allows people to work and play a littlew after the work is done. And as per usual, with the dozens of corporate sedans, that we have in Brisbane as well as on the Gold coast, we attend tot he needs of these executives very well indeed.

We offer airport transfer solutions in the Gold Coast area. Our car service is focused on providing the most efficient, comfortable and elegant ground transport services for both corporate and high-level private individuals. To that end, we offer a number of services in and around the city.

Airport Transfers

Our company has considerable experience in doing airport transfers in the area. Our professional drivers will make sure you get to your chosen destination in time. When you leave your plan you’ll find them waiting for you. If you’re travelling as a group, our fleet has minibuses capable of handling up to 12 passengers at a time. Buses can be made available on request.

In some cases executives will fly to Brisbane as they have more flight options, and they will book an airport transfer from the Brisbane area , all the way down to the Gold Coast, once again this is a long trip, and you would want to make sure that the car and company you choose are absolutely reliable.

Even a transfer from Gold Coast airport to Main Beach is 32km in distance alone.


Guest Transfers

You don’t have to worry about your guests with ground transport from the airport. We excel at that. As mentioned before we have a fleet of minibuses available for group transfers as well as high-end luxury sedans both local and exotic available to drop off your guests to the city.

As mentioned above, a lot of international speakers also visit the Gold Coast because of the number of conferences, these VIP travellers are very time poor and need reliable and efficient service, they have no time to waste waiting around for their car. This is why our drivers always monitor the flights for all of their airport transfer and make sure that they are waiting for all customers as they exit the terminal doors.

Meeting Transfers

If you’re in Gold Coast for business, our chauffeur service is ready and willing to transport you from meeting to meeting allowing you to concentrate on what matters most. If you have day-long meetings or many stopovers between meetings we recommend that you hire us on an hourly basis. It could prove more cost-effective.

In some cases, an executive will start their day in Brisbane and have several meetings down the coast, they will work their way down and end up in one of the hotel on he coast, when booking an hourly hire with Cars on Demand, we do not charge you for the KM  driven, we only charge you per hour or per minute.

We always recommend that if you are unsure about the length of time needed, its best that you book for less hours as we can always add afterwards, but we cannot subtract.


Cars On Demand technoplogy and fail safe mechanisms

There are not that many flights to and from Gold Coast airport, so if you missed your flight, it would be a disater.

At Cars on Demand we use state of the art technolgy and we learn from our mistakes and we try to use technology to stops these mistakes from ever hapenning again.

90 minutes before each transfer, the website will promt drivers to confirm that they are on the way, if a driver does not do this, our computer systems will call this driver and remind them, and if there is no response then the computer will call the manager on duty and alert them that a driver has not confirmed. Luckily this is a very rare occurences as all of our drivers are reliable.

In the past maybe one transfer out of 5000 might have been missed, with this new technology, we have brought that number down to ZERO.

Event Management

COD is more than capable of handling event transport. We can avail a fleet of up to fifty vehicles for your use. Whatsmore, our team excels at coordinating transport and will coordinate with the organisers to make sure that guests get to their destinations in time and in style.

Whether is a function at Magic Millions or a special event at Hotel Versaci, we can handle all types of special events.

Special Events

Gold Coast is breathtaking. To get the best our of the city you should hire us to take care of transport for you. We know the city inside out and will take care of logistics allowing you to focus and exploring and discovering the city in comfort.

Hourly Hire

Our service is available for hire on an hourly basis. Asmentioned above, we do all types of hourly hires, from wealthy individuals to busy corporate executives who what to use the back of our cars as an extension of their offices and use their time productively in between the transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my flight is late? Or cancelled?
No worries at all, we track all flights and we will arrive when your plane touches down and wait for you, the courtesy free wait time does not start till the plane touched down.

If your flight is cancelled all you need to do is call us with your new flight details, or update them on your app.

Where do I meet the drivers? And what do I do if I can’t see him or her?
We have meeting points all across Australia, these are listed in the confirmation of your transfer sheet, and most importantly please turn your phone on and you will get a text from the driver, any issues you can also contact us on our 24/7 hotline +61413905215

Can I book for a guest, and pay for it?
Yes you can, and the guest will not need to pay in the car, but it’s also a good idea to make sure that we have their contact number to make sure the transfer goes smoothly, and we also mask all phone numbers

Do you have an app? And do you service all airports?
Yes, of course, we have both Android and iOS apps, and you can book through the app if you are the traveller, and track the driver and communicate with them as well through the app.

And yes we are a nationwide service across the whole of Australia.

Popular Gold Coast Suburbs We Service

As mentioned above the areas between the Gold COast and Brisbane are quite spread out, and we do service all of them, but here are some that stand out in particular.

  • Gold Coast Airport
  • Main beach
  • Burleigh Heads
  • Broadbeach
  • Mermaid Beach
  • Surfers Paradise
  • Soutport
  • Ashmore
  • Labrador
  • Hope Island
  • Biggera Waters
  • Robina

About Gold Coast Airport

gold coast airport

Where Brisbane airport is the main airport statewide, Gold Coast Airport serves as the primary airport serving Gold Coast. The airport is one of Australias International airport.ts and is the sixth-largest in terms of passenger movements. The airport serves about 6 million passengers annually. Gold Coast is served by one terminal which acts as both the domestic and international terminal. Depending on what route you use, the airport is twenty-nine to thirty-three kilometres from the CBD.


Getting To Gold Coast Airport

Getting to the airport should be relatively hassle-free. Depending on what route you use, it will take you approximately 25-30 minutes from Gold Cast Airport to the CBD. We’ve compiled a list of ETA’a from selected suburbs within the city to help you plan your pick up times accordingly. Please note that all the ETA’s assume no-to light traffic. It should take you about thirty minutes from Bundall or Burleigh Heads, Labrador has an ETA of approximately 27 minutes, Tallai has a similar ETA. Mudgeeraba will take at least twenty-five minutes. Plan for an hours-long journey if you’re leaving from Coombabah.

In general, most suburbs lie between the 25 to 60 minute ETA. That said, you should allow room for traffic and any other emergency.


Getting Out Of Gold Coast Airport

There are several ways to get to the CBD from the airport. It should be relatively stress-free. If you want to use the public transport system you have two options, the bus service or the train. If you’re looking for a gold coast airport shuttle Skybus airport shuttle will also take you to your chosen destination. They have another service heading to byron bay. Other shuttle bus services include con-x-ion which has a presence in the city. Taxis are available too as area private transfers.

Our transport service offers airport transfer services unmatched to any other company in the area. Our modern and diverse fleet is capable of providing private transfer services as well as group transfer services. We promise to get you to your chosen destination in style and comfort.


Get To Know Gold Coast [Visitor’s Guide]

Situated in the south-east part of the state of Queensland, Gold Coast is coastal city boasting more than fifty kilometres of uninterrupted coastline.  The city is located approximately eighty kilometres from the state’s capital Brisbane and while it may not be as large as the latter, it is seen by many as Australia’s tourism capital.

Gold Coast is not as large a city like Sydney or Melbourne. The city houses around 590, 000 residents making it the sixth-largest city in Australia by population behind. The city is very diverse and cosmopolitan.

Vacationing has always been at the heart of the city, having been established for that very fact in the mid-nineteenth century. The city is bustling with leisure activities from the north coast down south in Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta. Expect incredible pristine beaches, world-class accommodation, theme parks and a rich and diverse culinary scene.

Our car service company has a firm presence in the city and is ready and willing to provide transport to your chosen destinations in and around the Gold Coast.

Business At The Gold Coast

The city has amazing accommodation and ample business facilities as well. If you get the time from your schedule you can sample the many leisure activities the city has to offer.

Leisure Activities

Many say that the Gold Coast is Australia’s leisure capital. As such, the city has something for everyone. From theme parks to surfing, it’s almost impossible to exhaust all the city has to offer in one visit. Our list is not exhaustive in any way but provides a sampling of what the Gold Coast has to offer for leisure.

You can visit the official Gold Coast website and choose your desired activity by clicking here, and maybe you would like to book your transfer and arrive to your fun destination in a nice cool air conditioned corporate sedan.

Theme Parks

Gold Coast is considered to be the country’s theme park capital. You’re really spoilt for choice. From Dreamworld (the country’s largest theme park) to White Water World. From Holoverse to Warner Bros. Movie World. Take your pick, we’ll take you there.

You can even buy a one ticket that gets you into all of the theme parks, please click here to view their website and purchase tickets.

Art & Culture

Head to Home of the Arts for a one-stop-shop of the city’s live theatre scene and art exhibitions. You may also want to visit Jellurgal cultural centre to learn more about Aboriginal heritage.


The city has more than twenty pristine beaches to choose from. Some of the best include Broadbeach, Cabarita Beach, Burleigh Heads, Surfers Paradise, Kirra Beach, Currumbin Beach, Miami Beach, and Kingscliff Beach.

You may also want to take a cruise boat and watch the whales that call the waters around the city home. You could also visit Burleigh Heads National Park.


From the diverse cuisine at Broad Beach to Chinese cuisine at Chop Chop Asian Street Food Market, and the amazing dining scene on Surfers Paradise, the city’s culinary scene is diverse and amazing.

Don’t take our word for it, please click here to view the top ten restaurants on Tripadvisor, and Bon Apetit !


Hana Bygrave

Exceptional service every time, cannot recommend Cars On Demand highly enough, I rely on them heavily across Australia for senior exec visits and everything in between. Bookings, payments and history of trips are all navigated super easily on their awesome website. Flawless! Thank you!! :)

Bec Moore

Fantastic company to deal with, extremely reliable and professional in every step of their service. Highly recommended!

Michelle Tay

It was truly a pleasure dealing with COD! And am real glad I found them online! Made my booking so much easier and queries all answered promptly!


Whether you call the Gold Coast home or are just visiting for business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city. To get an instant quote for your private Gold Coast airport transfer click here.


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