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Cars On Demand is Melbourne’s leading private airport transfer company, taking thousands of business executives and travellers quickly and safely to the airport each year. This page details everything you need to know about getting an airport transfer in Melbourne, why you will love the Cars On Demand service and how to make the most of your time in Melbourne.

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The Cars On Demand Melbourne Airport Transfer Experience

The COD experience is engineered to make your visit to Melbourne stress-free. Your entire experience, from booking to destination arrival is made efficient, elegant and comfortable. Here are some of the services we offer.

The most important thing to remember about Melbourne Airport is that it is located about 24.10 KM from the CBD.  It normally takes anywhere between 30 minute to an hour, and like most of our customers they want to be in a mechanically reliable and comfortable car to make it safely and comfortably to their destination.

Airport Transfers

Whether you’re travelling as a business team or as a private traveller, COD transfers is your best option. Our team is specifically trained to make sure you never miss your flight. We utilise an automatic failsafe mechanism to ensure that drivers are always aware of your schedule. We allow only the best drivers to chauffeur you from the airport to your destination. Our quality is unmatched in the Melbourne airport transfer scene.

Cars On Demand technoplogy and fail safe mechanisms

At Cars on Demand we use state of the art technolgy and we learn from our mistakes and we try to use technology to stops these mistakes from ever hapenning again.

90 minutes before each transfer, the website will promt drivers to confirm that they are on the way, if a driver does not do this, our computer systems will call this driver and remind them, and if there is no response then the computer will call the manager on duty and alert them that a driver has not confirmed. Luckyly this is a very rare occurences as all of our drivers are reliable.

Total Phone number Privacy

At Cars On Demand we use state of the art technology to mask all Australian phone numbers.

When our drivers and customers communicate together, either via text messages or via actual phone calls, we mask the numbers, no neither party will see each others real phone numbers, and once the trip is completed, this link is cut off, so neither party can communicate with each other.

Driver rating system

After each transfer is complete, no matter what type of transfer is , the system sends a text message toi the passenger to ask them about thier experience, if a passenger rates a driver with a score of 3 or below out of 5, then we get alerted immediately and take action. Again this is a very rare occurance becasue the drivers know that if they do not perform at their best, they may be terminated. Of course sometimes people make mistakes but we only tolerate one mistake, at Cars on Demand its 2 strikes and you’re out.

Guest Transfers

Coordinated guest transfers can be complicated. COD understands this and that is why we have developed a platform that makes co-ordination extremely easy. On our platform, you have an option to keep your guest alerted by SMS 2 hours before their departure time. In the event of anything, they will have access to our 24/7 customer service support.

And if the airport transfer is due before 9am, then the guest traveller will get the confirmation SMS at 8pm the night before and this will put their mind at ease.

We also mask all local phone numbers, so dirvers and passenger will be able to communicate together without ever revealing their true numbers to each other.

Meeting Transfers

When you have important meetings, nothing should distract you from the tasks ahead. COD will ensure that you get from one meeting point to another stress-free and in comfort. We offer simple point to point booking options, but for out of area transfers, or those that have several stops, you may opt for our hourly service (could be a more cost-effective option in that case).

Your executive assistant also has the option to book an hourly transfer for you and insert your schedule in the driver notes, so all you need to do is focus on closing that major deal, and let us do the driving and navigating the complicated Hook turns in the CBD of Melbourne.


Event Management

COD will cooperate with event organisers and PR agencies to ensure efficient, timely transport for clients. Our fleet can handle large transfers- up to fifty cars and. If at any point 50 transfers are booked from the same location, then Cars on Demand will provide an onsite manager to facilitate the the smooth collection of all the VIP guests.

Special Events

You shouldn’t have to hustle for parking and driving when attending games, carnivals or concerts. We’ll handle that for you.

We will all remember I guess how in 2019 one of the ride share companies app went down on the day of the cup and people were forced to walk to the train station.

Hourly Hire

If your transfer includes multiple stops between meetings or you want to tour the city’s attraction, then our hourly hire option is the best fit.

Also as mentoned above, hourly hires can really make a difference to an executive who has a whole bunch of meetings in one day and not a lot of time.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my flight is late? Or cancelled?
No worries at all, we track all flights and we will arrive when your plane touches down and wait for you, the courtesy free wait time does not start till the plane touched down.

If your flight is cancelled all you need to do is call us with your new flight details, or update them on your app.

Where do I meet the drivers? And what do I do if I can’t see him or her?
We have meeting points all across Australia, these are listed in the confirmation of your transfer sheet, and most importantly please turn your phone on and you will get a text from the driver, any issues you can also contact us on our 24/7 hotline +61413905215

Can I book for a guest, and pay for it?
Yes you can, and the guest will not need to pay in the car, but it’s also a good idea to make sure that we have their contact number to make sure the transfer goes smoothly, and we also mask all phone numbers

Do you have an app? And do you service all airports?
Yes, of course, we have both Android and iOS apps, and you can book through the app if you are the traveller, and track the driver and communicate with them as well through the app.

And yes we are a nationwide service across the whole of Australia.

Popular Melbourne Suburbs We Service

Melbourne is a vaste spread out metropolitan city, and it has a nice European feel to it, much more than Sydney or Brisbane.

With the airport being located where it is, some trips can take upwards of an hour or more, so its imperative that you choose your transfer provider carefully so that you travel in comfort and on time.

As with all other cities , we service all of the suburbs in Melbourne, but some that come to mind are the ones listed below:

  • Melbourne CBD
  • Southbank
  • Port Melbourne
  • Toorak
  • Malvern
  • South Yarra
  • Williamstown
  • Beaumaris
  • Essendon
  • Brunswick
  • Carlton
  • Doncaster East
  • St Kilda rd
  • Red Hill
  • Frankston
  • Geelong
  • Lara


About Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport Terminals 1 2 3 Melbourne airport terminal 4

Popularly known as Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne Airport is the main airport connecting Melbourne to the rest of the country and beyond. Completed in 1970 it is the second busiest airport in the country with more than 35 million passengers annually, only bested by Sydney Airport. The airport is located approximately 25 kilometres to the north-west of the CBD. The airport is served by an international terminal as well as a total of three domestic terminals.

Melbourne Airport also has a great video that explains how to get to the terminal. Click here to watch it on YouTube.


Getting To Melbourne Airport

Getting to the airport from the city should be hassle-free, however, its good to know your ETA from different locations within Melbourne, to know when to pre-book your car service.

The airport should be a 25-minute drive from Melbourne city. From the other suburbs, the estimated time of arrival is as follows: 30 minutes from Carlton via M2, 27 minutes from Docklands, 32 minutes from East Melbourne, 25 minutes from Flemington/Kensington, 20-25 minutes from North Melbourne, 15 minutes from Parkville, 26 minutes from Port Melbourne, 29 minutes from Southbank, 35 minutes from South Yarra and 15 minutes from West Melbourne.

Wherever you’re travelling from within and around the city’s suburbs, we’re willing and able to get you to the airport in time and in style. Keep reading for more information on the different travel options we offer.

We always recommmend that it is better to leave more time than less time, you jsut never know when a car will break down on a freeway and cause traffic jams.

Getting Out Of Melbourne Airport

There are several ways to get from the airport to the CBD.  Victoria’s Public Transport is always an option, although its quite slow and can be daunting for a first time visitor. You could also use shuttle bus services like Skybus and Starbus. Shuttle service is more convenient and efficient than public transport but it won’t get you to your exact destination. If you don’t want to use airport shuttle services, you could opt for a taxi. Understandably this option does not afford you the executive and coordinated experience that airport transfers such as our own bespoke option offers.

If cost is not too much of a deterrent then nothing beats a professionally driver car and a driver waiting for you to wisk you away into his luxury car and go straight to your door in the fastest and safest manner.

Get To Know Melbourne [Visitor’s Guide]

One of the grandest cities in Australia, Melbourne is truly breathtaking. Fanning out from Port Phillip Bay, the city is occupied by four million residents. Life is a breeze in Melbourne and evidence to this is the fact that the city consistently ranks in the top five list of the most liveable cities in the world.

Thanks to the discovery of gold in the early nineteenth century Melbourne boasts some of the most beautiful architectural pieces, including civic buildings, theatres and cathedrals. The city’s numerous parks serve to open it up making it feel open and unconfined.

There’s something for everyone in Melbourne. After all, the city is renowned for balancing modernity and preserving the past. The city has one of the finest art scenes in the world, amazing museums, theme parks and zoos as well as a dynamic gastronomic scene and a vibrant nightlife.

Business is great in Melbourne. The city is serviced by the Melbourne Airport conveniently located just 25 minutes away from the CBD. The city is ranked at the top of the list of cities with the highest concentration of hotels. There are more than nine thousand hotels in the city centre many of them being of world-class stature.

Transport is a breeze in Melbourne. After all the city has the worlds most expansive streetcar network. Moreover, tram service is free within Melbourne CBD!

The city has it all, pick your destination and we’ll take you there!

Melbourne Is Business Oriented 

Melbourne is perfect for business. The city has more than ample accommodation with its close to 10000 hotels. For conferences and meetings of any size, the city offers numerous conference centres and meeting halls, suited for every budget. In fact, the International Congress and Convention Association sees Melbourne as the top Australian destination for business travel. Transport around the city is easy. Melbourne’s extensive tram service is free with the CBD and conveniently priced around the suburbs.

What you will find in Melbourne is that the business district is spread out across the whole of the Melbourne Metro area, in some case you will need a transfer to a meeting that might be 40 km away.

Melbourne’s Leisure Scene

There’s so much to do in Melbourne. It’s almost impossible to exhaust all the city has to offer in one visit, so we’ll share with you our list of the city’s must-do events.

One of the most icinc things a person can do is to walk the laneways of Melbourne, especially Centre lane or as we call it harry Potter lane, because it looks like something out of a story book,

Eureka Skydeck Views

If you’re pinched for time, you don’t have to go far to have a great experience. Atop Eureka Tower, you’re guaranteed the most incredible views of the entire city. The building is the second tallest in the nation.

Arts & Culture Around The City

Melbourne is arguably Australia’s arts and culture capital. The city’s amazing laneway graffiti is a must-see. We recommend lanes such as ACDC lane, Tattersalls and Croft Alley. To get a sense of how the city’s demographics have changed over time, visit the Melbourne Immigration Museum. It’s ludicrous to visit Australia’s film capital without sampling the city’s rich film history. The National Gallery of Victoria is your go-to place for this.

Another great adventure is the loveyl walk from Port Melbourne to St Kilda, or if you like to gaze at nice real estate then you must do the walk between Elwood Bathers and Brighton along the foreshore.

Dining In Melbourne

The city’s gastronomic scene is as vibrant as the city itself. The city is awash with some of the world’s best restaurants. For great Asian cuisine try Kisumé. If you’ve ever wondered what Australian cuisine looks like, Dinner by Heston will provide the answers. Vue de Monde will not disappoint on French Cuisine. Grossi Florentino is best for Italian cuisine.

If you want the best steak in town we recommend that you try Angus and Bon

Or if you like a nice french bistro , then you definately cant go past Bistro Thierry

The Werribee Zoo and Melbourne Aquarium

Why not enjoy the African Savannah when you’re done with the business? The Werribee Zoo is designed to bring the African Savannah to you. You can even take a safari! Uncover the mysteries of the sea at Melbourne Aquarium.


Tim Champion

We booked through Cars on Demand for transport for an international flight and return transport with 2 small children. My wife was rushed to hospital the night we were due to fly out. Simon was such a great help with our situation and cars on demand were the only company that didn’t “CASH IN” on our terrible night. We will always remember you for that and will always use your service. Thank you so much.

Toby Van der Venne

I use this service quite frequently and find the drivers punctual and courteous, but what really impressed me was following a recent trip when I left my headphones in the back of the car. My driver Felix was very diligent in following up with Head Office and establishing they were indeed mine, and then went out of his way in his personal time to bring the head phones into the city and drop them to me at work. Thanks Felix!!

Scott Ward

Very happy with the service provided by Cars on Demand. I always get a courtesy sms to confirm pick up. Drivers are on time, courteous and professional. Cars are always clean. Special praise for my regular driver Doug who bought me a coffee for the trip to the airport this morning.


Whether you call Melbourne home or are just visiting for business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your time in this beautiful city. To get an instant quote for your private Melbourne airport transfer click here.

Let’s be honest here, we might not be the most cost effective option for your airport transfer, but we are certainly the best and most convenient option. But one thing to keep in mind that with our intelligent pricing algorithm, as the trip increases in length, the rate drops per km, so in some cases we are cheaper than a taxi but you get transported in a corporate limo.



Other Australian airports we regularly conduct airport transfers for:

Sydney |  Adelaide  |  Brisbane  |  Perth  |  Sunshine Coast  |  Gold Coast