Cars on Demand have implemented a secure virtual payment system for all of our limousine hire services and airport transfers, which allows registered members to securely register their credit card details. Our current payment gateway provider is EWAY.


This is facilitated by a secure link (highest level encryption) from the Cars on Demand site to the EWAY site where all the financial details are stored at the highest level of security provided by this award-winning, globally recognised banking organisation. Please note, Cars on Demand do not store any credit card details in our systems.


Once a member registers their credit card they will never have to produce that plastic to pay for their limo hire at the end of a transfer. The traveller simply makes a limo booking with Cars on Demand, sees the displayed price, gets in/out of the limousines and corporate cars quickly and efficiently, their limousine driver will confirm that the transfer was successfully completed, the trip booking is closed by Cars on Demand Operations and the travellers card will be charged via an automated EWAY process.

This solution eliminates the incidence of fraud/errors that will occur in relation to all limo and airport transfer bookings made via Cars on Demand. This will save your corporation money lost due to undetected fraud or error. In addition, it will significantly reduce the administrative cost of the dispute and resolution process for all irreconcilable ground transport expense items.

Click here to register as a Cars on Demand member and experience a new level of efficiency in Limousine Booking Services.