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Please note that you can use our limousine services all of Australia and all major capital cities, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Darwin, Alice Springs, and some other regional areas and towns as well. If we do not operate in your desired location, please feel free to email us at admin@carsondemand.com.au and we will try to find a supplier for you in that area.

Also please note that if you are on the road or do not have access to the internet, you can always call us on 1300 638 258 and we can enter or edit a booking on your behalf. Our customer service number is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Please click on the link below to access our YouTube channel, where you will find short tutorials on how to use our system.


Below is an indication of vehicles available within our network. Please note, not all vehicles are available in all locations across Australia.

  • Local Luxury Sedans – long wheel based vehicles, such as Holden Caprice, Holden Statesman, Chrysler 300C
  • Luxury European Sedans – long wheel based vehicles, such as 7 series BMW, S class Mercedes Benz
  • 7 Seat People Movers – such as Mercedes Benz Viano

We make your ground transport life easy! Here’s how:

  • We have upfront transparent pricing
  • No extra charges for heavy traffic
  • No surge pricing
  • Book online at your convenience 24/7
  • Peace of mind of a 24 hour call centre
  • One stop shop across Australia
  • Very user friendly online booking tool
  • We use high quality cars and professional drivers

You can call 1300 638 258 during working hours for regular support and at any time after hours for emergency support. If the person has an overseas mobile phone then please call us on +612 9281 2930. Please note, all phone bookings, edits and cancellations will incur a call centre fee of $3.00. Alternatively you can contact COD using the Quick Contact form on the Contact us page.

We operate all across Australia in all major cities and many regional areas. Please try to book and if the system allows it then it means we operate there. We are constantly growing our operation due to customer demand so please let us know if you are looking at a region that we don’t currently operate in and we will try and assist you.

We have Long wheel based corporate sedan like Holden Caprices

We have European sedans at a 30% premium

We have 7 seater people movers and 12 seaters.

Yes the number you called is named 24/7. You can call during business hours for any query and after hours for emergency assistance.

Are you a registered member? Please reset your password?

Please note, the password reset email will be sent to the person indicated as the recipient of all email notifications.

If all the above fails, please send an email to admin@carsondemand.com.au and someone will get back to you.

It is company policy not to give verbal quotes. You can get an exact quote for any trip by using the instant quote feature located on the tile in the middle of the home page. Alternatively you can login to your account and begin making the exact booking you want including time of day and the system will give you an exact quote. You do not have to proceed with the booking and you can just cancel the booking form.

This is most likely due to the addresses you are entering as the system is powered by Google maps. For example you can’t type in a unit number. Also and if you are entering a point of interest that does not have a specific address loaded in Google maps the website might suggest an address please click on that. Please go to our Tutorials page for assistance. Please visit https://www.carsondemand.com.au/faq/ for how to instructions.

If your issues cannot be resolved: Please send an email to admin@carsondemand.com.au with a screen shot and details of the address you are trying to enter and someone will call you back.

No we do not. All prices will be charged exactly as shown in your booking, with the only exception being customer directed extras such as extra stops or waiting time (beyond the courtesy wait times as outlined in the Terms and Conditions).

Please send an email to admin@carsondemand.com.au with all the details. Please note we don’t provide stretch limos.

Yes you can, just type in the name of the suburb then the website will suggest a location in the middle of the suburb and you can just click on that for an indicative price for that suburb.

No you don’t, your time starts upon touchdown of the aircraft.

No, our prices are fixed and transparent, you only pay more for unscheduled stops and if you keep the driver waiting any more than the free courtesy waiting times.

No we don’t, we only charge extra for special events and we advise clients prior to the trip at the time of booking.

Yes, all you need to do is log in and click on guest booking and populate their names in the fields. Please note, if you want the system to email a copy of notifications to your guest then just put their email address in the box below where their name is.

No we do not. All payments are handled by our state of the art virtual payments system.

The only forms of payments we accept are VISA, MASTERCARD, and AMEX.

This means that you are going to a special event and due to a supply and demand issue we have a different pricing structure that deals with these events as outlined in the terms and conditions.

Yes you do, it goes to the person who is nominated as the recipient of all email communications.

Yes you do, it’s attached to the booking confirmation.

Customer support operators are not authorised to confirm bookings verbally. Please follow the status of your booking online as it is updated in real time. Just login and view your Bookings with the status display on the right hand side of the Booking. Please note bookings will be allocated to drivers about 12 to 24 hours prior to pickup time.

Customer support are not authorised to report on passengers. Drivers cannot leave a pickup point without calling the Operations Manager on Duty. If you have not heard anything then please assumed that the booking is proceeding as planned and your passenger is being taken care of.

We can’t allocate a car at the last minute, the minimum is 1 hour lead time as the system will not allow a pickup which is less than 1 hour away.

The system will not allow us to accept bookings after 10pm for a pickup before 10am the following morning. Please call earlier next time and we would be delighted to assist you.

You should always put down the flight landing time and we will track the flight and the driver will go into the terminal when the plane lands. We allow free waiting times of 30 minutes at the domestic and 60 minutes at the international airports – from the time that the plane actually lands.

Well in this case you should put down the name and phone number of the last passenger off the last plane and that is who we will make contact with. Please also advise all other passengers to make their way to the pickup point where a driver will be waiting with sign board. In the special Additional Information field please include what you would like us to put on the driver sign board and who we should contact in the event that we cannot make contact with the key passenger contact who is arriving last.

No you don’t as the driver monitors the flight.

You will need to call us ASAP and we will try to re-arrange your car at no extra charge, but you need to do this as soon as you know, if you leave it too late then charges will apply for a late cancellation.

You will need to advise us prior to getting on an earlier flight. If you call us after you land then you will have to wait for your original driver or cancel the trip and full cancellation fees will apply.

Did you know you can do this online at anytime up to 1 hour from pickup time? If the booking is less than one hour away: unfortunately we cannot accept any variation to the booking except to call the driver to see if he is able to come earlier. If this driver cannot make it earlier then the passenger will have to wait until the scheduled pickup time.

Have you tried to look through your booking history to resolve the issue? If you still can’t resolve you can send an email to admin@carsondemand.com.au but please note any charge that is found to be valid after investigation incur a $75 admin fee.

Any disputes of a charge must be in writing and within 35 days of the charge. Please send an email with all the details to admin@carsondmeand.com.au and someone will be in contact with you.

Any complaints must be done in writing. Please send an email with all the details to admin@carsondemand.com.au and someone from the Managing Directors office will investigate and respond within 5 working days.

Yes you can and if that driver is available we will send him/her. Otherwise we will send another driver. Please advise us of the driver name in the Additional Information box at the bottom of the booking sheet.

Have you checked your phone for text messages?

Are you at the designated pickup point at that airport? See https://www.carsondemand.com.au/find-your-driver for details.

First make sure you are in the correct pickup point (for airport pickup points see https://www.carsondemand.com.au/find-your-driver for details). Then please turn your mobile phone on close to pick up time and the driver will text you, if you don’t receive a text and it is past your pickup time, then please call the hotline on 1300 638 258 and we will connect you to your driver. Please remember if you leave a pickup point without calling you will be liable for full trip costs.

If it is more than 1 hour away from pickup time then please go ahead and make the change online. If the booking is less than one hour away we can call the driver to see if he is able to come earlier. If this driver cannot make it earlier then the passenger will have to wait until the scheduled pickup time.

If you are an accredited driver and have your own licensed car, (since we don’t own a fleet) please go to the website and register as a driver. Once you have done this someone from Operations will be in touch with you.

Yes of course, all you need to do is create their profile first and then invite yourself to manage them, but you have to do this from within their own profile, once you have done this, you can manage them from your profile, you do this in the edit profile section of the member log in and its under “user management”. Please see our tutorial page for details of how best to do this.

Yes of course they can, once registered anyone has access to our 24/7 call centre.

I am filling in for the regular EA, can I please have the account password? We are not authorised to provide any account information without authorisation from the account owner. We are happy to make bookings/edits/cancellations for your over the phone. Otherwise you will need to provide written permission from the account owner in order to gain access to their account. Alternatively if you know the login ID you can reset the password but this is entirely at your internal company discretion and Cars on Demand takes no responsibility for such action.

Yes of course we do, but please note we cannot offer point of sale discounts – only volume based rebates. If you are interested to discuss this further I am happy to take some details from you and get one of our sales staff to call you back. Get name, email address, contact number and monthly volume of travel/number of bookings.