Corporate Limo Services

Cars on Demand offer limousine airport transfers and all other forms of ground transport services across all Australian cities.

No location is out of reach.


Cars on Demand specialises in executive airport  transfers

Our drivers are trained to monitor flights with a hyperlink from the flight number in your booking sheet directly to Flight Radar.  Passengers do NOT need to contact us if a flight is running late or early – only if you get on a different flight.

Passengers receive a booking reminder 2 hours before pickup (or 8pm the night before for early morning jobs).

You will have courtesy waiting times at both domestic and international airports.  Our drivers will SMS passengers securely through our number masking app to advise they are in position and waiting.


Cars on Demand provides a comprehensive platform to allow you to manage guest transfers with full visibility.

You can make guest bookings at any time and save guest details into a favorites list.  You will be able to edit guest bookings easily with an option to allow your guest to receive communications directly to them.  Your guest passengers will receive an SMS booking reminder 2 hours before pickup time and will have 24/7 customer service support.


Cars on Demand will efficiently transport executives to and from meetings.

A substantial part of our portfolio involves transporting business travellers to/from meetings.  This allows the traveller to focus on their work and leaves the driving and parking to our experienced fleet of drivers.  You have the option of simple point to point transfers or an hourly rate where a driver will be as directed and will wait in between stops.  This can be more cost effective for out of area travel or trips with multiple stops.


Cars on Demand works extensively with PR agencies, event management companies and corporations to facilitate efficient transport to and from events and product launches.

This service is highly valued by our customers and can range from 2 cars for a small event up to 50 cars (or more) for major events.  Cars on Demand will work with event managers to advise on vehicle type configurations, pickup times and drop off sequences.  Our operations team leaders can also be on the ground to facilitate efficient passenger pickups & drop-offs at the event site.


Cars on Demand specialises in moving groups.

For all your group movements you can rely on Cars on Demand experience to move smalls or large groups for special events or group meetings.  We have 7 and 12 seater people movers in addition to our SUVs and sedans.  An Operations leader will work with you to determine the best combination of vehicles for the most cost effective solution.


Cars on Demand provides safe and efficient transfer to and from special events such as sporting events, racing carnivals and concerts.

Cars on Demand can work with you to provide elegant transfers to and from these events for yourself, staff and special guests.  We allow you to maximise the enjoyment of your special event without the driving and parking hassle.


Cars on Demand can help you maximise the efficiency of a busy day with hourly hire options.

This options is very useful to travellers who have a busy day of meetings in various locations.  It is the most cost effective option to travel efficiently between multiple meetings.  This option is also useful if you are visiting a new city and can help with familiarisation tours and city highlights.


Cars on Demand provides safe and efficient transfer of luggage and business documents.

This service is often used by executive travellers who wish to proceed direclty to their office or meeting while having their luggage dropped at a separate location.  We can also arrange to have luggage picked up separately before picking up a business traveller and proceeding to the airport.

This service also applies to the secure pickup and drop off of business documents.